Using a hair product such as Hair thickening fibers are a trend that is constantly growing in popularity and becoming a part of people’s everyday routine. Hair fibers conceal the appearance of balding or thinning hair while also adding volume to your hair. There are many different hair fiber brands out there, which could end up being overwhelming to you as the buyer. What differs in hair fibers? Why are there so many different brands? Besides the many questions we know you guys have, the real question is why are all fibers not created equal? It all starts with the quality of the ingredients, just like most things. Below we will help you get to know what to look for and what to watch out for.

Most hair fibers’ main ingredient is Keratin, which is made from the skin of animals, hoofs, horns and many other sources. The best place to source keratin for hair fibers is real Sheep’s wool. Sadly, this makes these products the most expensive, but ultimately achieve the most natural look and feel. The reason why Sheep’s wool is the best is because it is the particle with the lightest mass and a similar static to our own human hair which will hold and grab onto the hair and scalp better. If the fibers are the same thickness as your hair or thicker, then it will not grab as well, thus will be clumpy and likely rub off. Which is why other Keratin sources are NOT superior to Sheep’s wool.

There are significant differences between brands so always be sure to read the labels. Too many chemicals and dyes are never a good thing, especially when trying to preserve your hair. Below is a comparison of SureThik® fibers compared to other hair fibers and the ingredients:


Besides just looking at the ingredients and how it looks and feel, put the products to the test. Take all the different fiber products you’ve used, or want to use, and sprinkle them side-by-side on a white paper the same way you would on your head. Using your fingers or a comb, move the fibers on the paper and watch what happens. Lower quality fibers will naturally bunch and clump while SureThik® will not.

The very last and most important thing to consider when purchasing hair fibers is how they look and feel. Just like trying on a sweater, a good fiber should offer you the most natural feel as well as look. You wouldn’t wear an uncomfortable, itchy sweater everyday, the same should apply for your hair fibers. At SureThik® we use ultra fine unprocessed wool because it has natural qualities and most resembles real hair. It styles like real hair and we don’t need chemicals to make it look like hair. It’s texture is also nice and soft so that it will not irritate even the most sensitive scalps.

During the development of SureThik® hair thickening fibers, we also looked closely at what the customer saw as faults in hair fibers. This included things like color running, clumping, too easy to rub off, didn’t stick very well and didn’t look natural in the hair line. After years of research, we developed a product that best resembles the hair while addressing client’s past issues. 

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